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24/7 fast and safe assistance and transport to your home or your dealership, everywhere in the GTA with our motorcycle-specific trucks.

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We will ship your motorcycle(s) safely anywhere in Canada and the USA, whether you are an individual owner or a dealership.


Keep your motorcycle safe and secure in our climate-controlled, dust-free facility. Pick up & delivery back to you in the spring available.




When a customer buys a new or used motorcycle from us but can’t pick it up, we call EMS. Their professionally trained drivers always deliver our customers new purchases safely and on time. Most of our customers end up using them for their other transportation needs.

James Collins



Safe, secure transport is of the utmost importance to our customers. EMS provides that. Their professional approach and friendly services is why EMS is our carrier of choice.

Andrew Charter

109 Cycle Motorcycle


A lot of our customers use EMS when their bike breaks down or needs service and they can’t bring it in themselves. They are fast and reasonable priced. If you need transport for your motorcycle, call EMS.

Andrew Charter



If you need your bike moved, call EMS. Period. They have been moving bikes for us for years and I can’t see us using anyone else.

Zaid Saleemi


For more than 20 years, Emergency Motorcycle Services has been providing roadside emergencies services to immobilized vehicles with efficiency and reliability across the Greater Toronto Area as well as stretching across North America.

With the recent expansion to our business offerings of both vehicle delivery and year-round storage services, we are proud to be one of the few in the North American market to provide a true one-stop-shop experience to our customers.

From dealerships to individual motorcycle owners, we are determined to exceed your expectations by providing safe, time-sensitive and quality care services in remote locations where our presence is most needed.


  • How is EMS different from other tow truck companies?

    Typically, a tow truck will attempt to load, secure and transport your motorcycle a truck made to transport cars. This can result in severe damage to your motorcycle’s paint, body and mechanical parts. Thankfully, we are not a tow truck company – motorcycles are the only vehicles we transport, and our trucks are equipped accordingly with motorcycle-specific technology. In fact, our vehicles are part of just a few in North America that are equipped with this motorcycle-specific technology that guarantees a safe and secure loading, transport and unloading of your motorcycle. With us, you are absolutely sure that your motorcycle will not sustain any damage.

  • How fast will you arrive at my location?

    Of course, our exact arrival time depends on traffic, but we will provide you our best estimation of our arrival time at the time of your call – and we will update you of any congestion-related delay, so that you know exactly how little longer you have to wait. Also, our motorcycle-specific technology allows each of our trucks to transport more than one motorcycle at a time – thereby minimizing wait times.

  • What area does EMS serve?

    We will assist you quickly anywhere in the entire Greater Toronto Area, provided your motorcycle is not on a highway.

  • What exactly does EMS’s insurance policy cover?

    While in our possession, your vehicle is covered against any damage, theft and fire.

  • Can you provide road-side assistance beyond transporting an immobilized motorcycle?

    Absolutely! In order to save you money, if all your motorcycle requires to run again is simply an oil, water or other fluid top-up, we will happily help you with this, rather than transport it to a dealership.

  • How do you store motorcycles?

    At EMS, we do not use no risky lifts and shelves to store motorcycles above each other. In our facility, all motorcycles are stored on the ground.

  • How about temperature and humidity?

    Our facility is state of the art with climate and humidity control, so your motorcycle will be stored in the optimal conditions at a constant temperature.

  • Can I leave my motorcycle longer than just the winter?

    Yes, our storage facility is available for your needs year-round.

  • Do you ship or deliver to anywhere in North America?

    Yes, we can ship your motorcycle anywhere in Canada and the United States.



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